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Video about women and sex with chimpanzees:



Women and sex with chimpanzees. Animal Sex: How Chimps Do It.

Women and sex with chimpanzees

Google Scholar Thompson-Handler, N. Behaviour — Stanford, California: Stanford University Press. Cramer, and V. Seyfarth, R. InPedophilia: Biosocial Dimensions, J. Google Scholar Howell, N. An interested male may show off his erect penis to a female. Ehara, T. Dorothy Cheney of the University of Pennsylvania studies baboons.

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    Folia Primatologica —6. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.


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    Christophe Boesch, a co-author of the study, published in the journal PLoS ONE, said: "Our findings add to the ever-growing evidence suggesting that chimpanzees can think in the past and the future and that this influences their present behaviour.